The Future of
Retail Stores

Everything you need to run your retail store including inventory management, POS, in-store menus, ecommerce with online orders & delivery.

Only $349/month.

Sway also eliminates the most burdensome tasks by automating operations so you can focus more time and resources on growing your business.

Bring your business to your customers with Sway, the future of retail.


Join the future of hybrid stores offering next-hour and same-day local delivery to customers around your city.

The Sway digital store solution includes ecommerce website and a simple mobile app for your delivery drivers. A seamless experience for both you and your customers.

Delivery with Sway offers a world-class customer experience starting with browsing your online store powered by Sway.

Included with Sway

ecommerce solution made for any device

Sway ecommerce

Showcase your products on the worlds fastest ecommerce website with uninterrupted shopping experience from browsing to delivery, and reach more customers using our supercharged search engine optimization.

Included with Sway

In-store Menu

Fully integrated. Turn any TV into a live in-store menu customized to your store and linked to your Sway inventory.
Included with Sway

Sway Cloud Scale

The world's first cloud connected inventory counting scale for retail stores. Exclusively for Sway.

No more tedious hand-counting. No more human error. Fully auditable.

Designed & Assembled by Sway in Canada.

Included with Sway

Sway Cloud Printer

Truly seamless cloud connected receipt printer. Combine with any tablet or laptop and you have a complete retail POS.

Designed & Assembled by Sway in Canada.

Included with Sway

In-store & Online

Sway Payments

Safe & secure payments in-store and online for Interac debit and all major credit cards. Setup is seamless and is integrated with the Sway reporting system.

Included with Sway


Finally a simple and cost effective solution that scales with your business.

Only $349/month. Credit Cards are charged at 2.9% + 30¢ in-store and 3.3% + 30¢ online. Debit (Interac) cards at standard 10 cents per transactions.

Includes two Sway Cloud Printers, Sway Cloud Label Printer, Sway Cloud Barcode Scanner and a Sway Cloud Scale.

We offer full transparency with no hidden fees or charges.

per month for Sway
Setup & Installation
Support & All hardware
(except cash drawer)
In-Store Interac Debit
2.9% + 30¢
In-Store Credit Cards
3.3% + 30¢
Payments on your Sway website

Why switch to Sway?

With Sway its just Sway for all your needs.

We have simplified our software so you can run your retail store the most effective way.

Centralizing all of your operations in a single monthly fee. When you switch to Sway we will take care of the full process. No downtime - no hassle.

Made in Canada without Compromises

We believe it's very important to create hardware and software technology in Canada. We're more than proud to say all Sway hardware is Designed & Assembled in Canada.

We also exclusively store and process all data in Canada inside the Sway ecosystem - without it ever crossing any borders. Your customers data is safe when you use Sway. That's a promise.